Our Vision is to Elevate Spaces with Contemporary Art&Design through High-Quality Textiles.


The wanted collections challenge designers to dream big


Wanted Interior is a young Finnish textile design company.

The company was established in 2017 and has had a great reception in its first years.

We produce our own collection of area rugs and collaborate with other textile producers to offer a full concept of interior textile solutions. We work with producers of solar shade, upholstery fabrics and curtains. All of Wanted’s collections are designed with superb public interiors in mind. We bring a new fresh notion to the world of contract textiles.  

Wanted creates design concepts by building cross over collaboration between visual artists, designers and functional materials. The combination produces inspiring new ways of thinking within the scope of textile design. Our partners and us are focused on keeping design, high quality and sustainability at the heart of all our processes. 

Wanted Interior is founded and operates out of Helsinki, Finland and carries with it a wealth of Nordic textile design expertise.