Our yarns consist of wool in two different types - Soft and Heavy Duty. Wool is the main material and can be combined with Tencel yarn for lustrous effect or Linen yarn for contrast in texture.

The wool yarns are 100% New Zealand wool and consist of long durable fibers. The yarns are dyed through the whole fiber which results in a deep brilliant color that stays intact even when the fibers wear in use. The dyes are hard wearing and 100% free of toxins.




The soft wool yarn comes in 99 colors and can be tufted in cut pile 12mm or 14mm and loop pile 8mm, 10mm or 12mm. The loop and cut piles can be combined side by side for variations in the surface structure of the rug.




The heavy duty wool is spun tighter than the soft quality and thus holds more fibers in the yarn. This makes the yarn very durable and dense. Heavy Duty comes in 54 brilliant colors and and can be produced in cut pile 12mm, 14mm or 25mm and loop pile 10mm. Cut and loop piles can run side by side in the rug and can even be combined as a very low 8mm “cutloop” pile.


Tencel is made out of the fibers of an Eucalyptus tree. It is a natural fiber and has a beautiful silken sheen to it. We like to add it for a luxurious extra lustre effect. Tencel yarns come in 36 beautiful colors.





Linen yarns give a hardiness to the structure of the rug. We combine it with wool to add contrast in structure and give posture to longer piles. Wanted’s wool-linen design rugs are ORAS and SILMU.